Industry groups call for brownfield development focus

Brownfield sites are being increasingly overlooked due to the challenging nature of building on them, the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has said.  Ahead of the general election, the group has called for more developments to be built on them, and has highlighted a statistic that, according to its housing report, says the top 10 housebuilders are delivering less than 50 per cent of their homes on brownfield sites.

By targeting more brownfield sites, the UK would have a greater chance of closing the country’s shortfall of homes, predicted to reach 900,000 by 2021 according to previous ACE research.

Small Scale Home Builders Working Group ambassador Andy Pearson said: “The focus on smaller-scale builders recognises that they simply have not recovered to the same extent as larger builders post-recession, with this sector delivering some 2,000 fewer homes per annum than before 2008. Their recovery would directly contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic growth across Scotland.”

The ACE also recommended that the next government increase its spending target for infrastructure investment to 2 per cent of GDP for the next three years.